28 October 2018 (Sunday) 11 am

Thanksgiving holy mass

celebrated by Archbishop Władysław Ziółek

Creative Communities Church, ul. M. Skłodowskiej–Curie 22

phot. Łukasz Głowacki

Archbishop Władysław Ziółek

Senior Archbishop of the Łódź diocese, a PhD in canonic law. He was ordained in Rome, on July 13th, 1958 by Archbishop Józef Gawlina. He is a graduate of the Higher Theological Seminary in Łódź (a student between 1952-57), Papal Gregorian University (1957-65, he received his PhD at the end of his studies), and the Higher School of Latin Literature (1960-62). He also had a three-year practice in Rome Rota (1962-65).

In Bishop’s Curia in Łódź, he worked at first as a notary and then a chancellor. In Bishop’s Court he was a notary and then a Defender of the Matrimonial Tie. For 20 years he was the rector of the church of Our Lady of Ostrabrama for the Bernardine Sisters.

On March 12, 1980 he was nominated for the assistant bishop of the Łódź diocese — he was anointed bishop on May 4th by Bishop Józef Rozwadowski. He was a general vicar and a member of the Consulting Committee.

In January 1986 Władysław Ziółek was appointed the diocese bishop by Pope John Paul II; the ingress took place on February 22nd, 1986. Six years later he became the archbishop of the Łódź archdiocese and in March 2004 he was appointed the metropolitan archbishop of Łódź.

During his work he founded over 60 parishes and 16 catholic schools, established Theological College in Łódź, Caritas Łódź, Social Aid Centre of the blessed Rafał Chyliński in Konstantynów Łódzki, he was the first one in Poland to open a Single Mother Home of Stanisława Leszczyńska and the first in Poland Adoption Centre, he also established a Spiritual Centre for the Creative Communities together with church and a theatre, Archdiocese Publishing House (currently Radio Plus) and the diocese edition of the weekly journal Niedziela. In the structures of Polish Episcopate, between the years 1989-94 he was the chairman in the Church Art Committee.

A member of Episcopate Iustitia et Pax Commission, Commission for the Canonic Law and Papal Counsel for Health Centre Workers.

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