23 October 2018 (Tuesday) 6pm


directed by Stanisław Berbeka


Kino Charlie, ul. Piotrkowska 203/205



A documentary in which Stanisław Berbeka recalls the memories of his father, Maciej — a climber who reached five of the 8-thousanders, a painter, graphic designer and stage designer of the Witkacy Theatre in Zakopane.

Maciej Berbeka graduated from the National Arts Highschool of  Antoni Kenar in Zakopane and the Faculty of Design at the Arts Academy of Jan Matejko in Cracow. He was a rescuer in TOPR (since 1979), a UIAGM guide, a teacher at highschool, a member and a chairman of a Climbing Club in Zakopane (1982 — 1986). He was the first one to have done winter climb on Manaslu (1984), Czo Oju (1985) and Broad Peak (2013). In 1988 he reached the peak of Rocky Summit (8028 m.), thanks to which he became the first man to have crossed 8000 metres in Karakorum.

He also reached Annapurna taking a new path (the southern side). He was the head of the winter expeditions to Manaslu and Nanga Parbat. He reached Mount Everest from Chinese side (1993).

His son’s film, thanks to the reports of participants of the expeditions, family memories and archive recordings (both audio and video), is an excellent evidence of Maciej’s passion and life. There are family stories about the preferred values and the most important expeditions, there is also one exceptional story related to the fatal winter expedition to Broad Peak from which Macie Berbeka never returned. On March 5th, 2013 he reached the summit, thus fulfilling his life dream, but he passed away on the way back to the base. Tomasz Kowalski died there with him.

The premiere of “Dreamland” took place at Witkacy Theatre as part of the 7th “Inspired by Mountains” Festival, dedicated to Maciej Berbeka, on March 6th, 2018.

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