24 October 2018 (Wednesday) 7 pm

Vojasa Band (Hungary)


Fine Arts Academy, Aula Centrum Promocji Mody, ul. Woj. Polskiego 121 — entrance from ul. Pankiewicza or al. Palki


Vojasa Band

Guszti Balogh — voice, guitar
Gusztįv Balogh “Csompi” — voice, violin, mandolin
Jįnos Bujdosó —  guitar, vocal
Péter Bordįs — bassguitar
Antal Mįté Kovįcs — percussion
Henrik Hõnich — drums

Nothing could better show the message of the Hungarian band than its name Vojasa, which means “with joy”. The choice of name was obvious, since already in the beginning, in the first songwriting phase prevailed a special atmosphere, an overwhelming, wonderful feeling, which has also been experienced by the audience on the concerts from the very first moment. The way how Vojasa reshapes the traditional forms of authentic gipsy music is unprecedented in the world music scene. Already in the founding year of the band, 2012, it was evident that they will choose new ways of musical self-expression, for the members played simultaneously in several bands with different styles. Their songs are characterized by a deep respect for the traditions of Gipsy Folklore on the one hand, but at the same time they are constantly combining this rather conventional layer of their music with various forms of modern musical styles like rock or drum and bass with astonishing naturalness and mastery. The band gave concerts on numerous festivals and in many clubs in Europe with great success. With its music, the band invites the audience to an exciting time travel, from the historical epoch of the Gypsies’ wandering to the tumultuous reality of our noisy modern world. Vojasa turns to the world with its fascinating ambience, unique style, naturalness and truthfulness.

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